ATX 600A (BLK)
ATX 600A (BLK)
ATX 600A (BLK)
ATX 600A (BLK)
ATX 600A (BLK)
ATX 600A (BLK)

ATX 600A (BLK)

2019-12-27 20:04:28  

Black Chassis of Power Supply
ATX12V Ver.2.30 compliant with ATX12V Ver.2.31
High efficiency PSU, up to 78% efficiency
Extended 12V Rail for high compatibility and extreme high current output
Safety and EMC certified by CE
12cm Silent fan with smart thermal fan speed control circuit
Full protection functions with OVP/ UVP / OPP / SCP / SIP


Black ECO Gaming OEM version Powe Supply.

With 1xPCI-e(6+2) pin, One 12V rail to support most of gaming graphsic cards, to make PC system in stable runing.

AC INPUT: 110/240 VAC 3/6A 50-60Hz
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